The only thing we can give to God is our worship

Think about it, what does God get from us? Can it be that the only thing God receives from us is our love for Him expressed through song? Song is a powerful thing. I in fact discovered a relationship with Jesus through seeing people in passionate worship. Passionate in the sense that you could see that what is being sung about has a heart connection, not only a head-connection. The entire bible can be "cooked down" into two sentences... in it religion is completely striped away. What emerges is relationship. The most central relationship and every other form of relationship flow from these words. 

Love the lord your GOd with all of your heart, all of your mind, all of your soul and all of your strength (what you are good at). And love your neighbor as yourself. 

We are building a community centered around the best kind of love the world has ever known. Enter into it. Let´s build a community that loves to love. 

Kirby Kaple and House Fires are doing an amazing job capturing the emotions and heart of what worship to the Heavenly Father can be like. Have a listen and give Him what he is longing to receive from you. We are all meant to praise something. Will it be a car, a person, a bank account, or a chance to connect with and be loved and filled by the creator of all.