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Ingeborg grew up in Sandnes, Norway. As a teenager, she was surrounded by friends with a growing passion for Jesus. Her thirst for more lead her to Youth With A Mission (YWAM), where she engaged in a Discipleship Training School (DTS) that took her as far as Mongolia. Over the course of the next ten years, Ingeborg pursued a nursing degree and lived and worked in Oslo where she was engaged in leading several ministries in the Oslo Vineyard during some of its most turbulent years. In 2002, Ingeborg was still interested in taking her faith further and enrolled in a leadership and theology training program at the Vineyard Institute in Columbus Ohio, USA. And that is where she met Bryon on the first day of classes. After completing our course of study together at Vineyard Institute, we fell in love, married in 2004, made Sandnes our home in 2005, and are the proud parents of two enthusiastic kids.

Bryon grew up in Rochester, New York, received a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Michigan. He discovered Jesus when he was 24 years old after being invited by his best friend Jim to check out a nearby Vineyard church. Bryon grew up in a Roman Catholic family. After being confirmed as a teenager he lost interest in the church and was turned off by the power, hierarchy, and impersonal attitude of Religion. Stepping into the Vineyard church was a powerful awakening for Bryon. He didn't quite understand that it was possible to have a living, breathing relationship with Jesus. In Bryon's youth, Jesus was just someone he saw nailed up on a cross that he should somehow feel bad or guilty about. When he started to actually read the bible for himself he discovered a world completely different from Religion. He discovered love. A coach. A friend. A king. And it changed his life and he began to think... people have to know about this!

We have a desire to get back to the basics of what it means to actually follow Jesus. Doing the stuff that Jesus did and the stuff he said we could do and should do. Relationship building. Healing. Community. 

We have a heart for our community. We want to form community. We want to rediscover neighboring. He wants to send us out into our community to do one thing: to love it like He does and shine His light on the road back to Him.

We want to put the everyday back into being a follower of Jesus. We are going to be structuring how we meet, why we meet and when we meet around everyday life. 

Please take some time to get to know us. Read about our VALUES, our PRIORITIES and what we are interested in PRACTICING. You can find us on Facebook to figure out where we are forming communities around you.

Do join us, Bryon and Ingeborg Murdock

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